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Your students are sure to get excited over this Christmas themed language activity pack. Print, cut, and laminate each section. Choose from several prepared instruction sheets, and let the fun begin. After selecting a picture or written cue card the student locates the correct character or object cutouts and places them in the correct position on the baseboard. Adorable characters and relatable scenes encourage the comprehension and use of early pronouns, prepositions, and verbs.
Understanding and Using Early Pronouns
  • Targets early pronouns 'he' 'she' 'they' 'his' 'hers' 'theirs' 'him' 'her' and 'them'
  • Section includes 3 baseboards, 24 picture prompt cards, 8 cutouts, and 72 written cue cards.
Understanding and Using Early Prepositions:
  • Targets early prepositions 'in front' 'behind' 'next to' 'on' and 'under'
  • Section includes 1 baseboard, 40 picture prompt cards, 6 cutouts, and 40 written cue cards.
Understanding and Using Early Verbs:
  • Features early verbs 'surfing' 'climbing' 'lying down' and 'jumping'
  • Targets verb + ing as well as subject + verb + object phrases
  • Section includes 1 baseboard, 16 picture prompt cards, 8 character cutouts, and 16 written cue cards.
Christmas Vocabulary:
  • Section includes 16 Christmas themed cards to help familiarize students with the vocabulary that will be used during gameplay.
Each pack contains 10 'At Home' instruction sheets for parents to encourage follow through and home practice. Bonus instructions are included on "following multi-step instructions" to encourage the student to carryout a series of two related commands. You can purchase this activity pack at my TPT store by clicking HERE.
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